Friday, March 20, 2009

The F Word

Today I will talk about a show that has recently caught my interest! It is called The F Word, or, in the US, Gordon Ramsay's F Word.

So I had known the chef of Hell's Kitchen was pretty popular, but I never really knew why. When I get home from work not a lot is on usually, so I had been watching BBC America. They soon added Kitchen Nightmares to the lineup in the afternoon, and that was my first real introduction to Gordon Ramsay. It's a show where he goes to failing restaurants to help evaluate what the problem is and try to turn them around.

He's hilarious! Not only does he seem to really know what he's doing, but his playful nature and potty mouth make it good. He curses like a sailor and loves to joke around, but he also knows when to get serious and work. I love it.

A few weeks ago, they started to show The F Word right before Kitchen Nightmares. Ramsay invites normal people to try and cook for 50 people at The F Word restaurant, and the customers have the right not to pay for the course if they aren't happy. They must be damn hard to please because of all the times I've caught it, yesterday's starters were the only ones I've seen all 50 people pay for D:

More than that, though, there are regular side features. It seems Gordon tries raising his own livestock to see what it's like from animal to plate. He also has celebrities come in and try to beat him in little cooking challenges for blind panels, as well as random other food related things. It really is interesting, and all of his dishes are things simple enough to make at home.

I'm learning a lot about cooking and being entertained in the process!

Not to mention the theme song is awesome.

And something about Gordon really is attractive to me *shot*


  1. That guy's always been fun to watch, I always seem to catch one of his shows at unexpected times and can't change the channel 'til they're over.

    I think you just have a thing for british dudes, younger or older. lol

  2. Xio>
    Haha, I do love me some British men XD

  3. I love watching the Kitchen Nightmares show. I sure would never want to be on his bad side XD But I love how he is blunt and honest, and I wish more people would be like that D: